World Marketing Summit Singapore 2018


The World Marketing Summit Singapore 2018


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The World Marketing Summit (WMS) is an independent global organization, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, committed to "Creating a Better World through Marketing" and thereby alleviating poverty. WMS aims to improve the state of the world by engaging the global leaders and entrepreneurs to create a poverty-free world.

The World Marketing Summit was founded in 2011 by Philip Kotler, the Father of Modern Marketing. It aims to initiate global movements through discussion among global though leaders to discuss the most pressing issues faced by the world, including marketing, business, and economics impacting poverty, health, and the environment.

​For the first time, the World Marketing Summit will be held in Singapore in association with Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) and Kotler Impact, Inc.

​As cities around the world increasingly becomes connected through technological advancement, Marketers are under pressure to be digitally-savvy, to push the boundaries on creativity, and to deliver results. This requires a new skill set and mind set - that of an Entrepreneur.

​For its inaugural summit, WMS Singapore will tackle the "Strategies for Marketpreneurs to Excel in Global Smart Cities" in line with Singapore's Smart Nation Initiative.

In this summit, global leaders and industry experts will tackle the role of the new breed of Marketers - the Marketpreneur, a Marketing professional with the innovative spirit of an Entrepreneur.

​⏰ 8.30 AM - 9.00 AM


⏰ 9.00 AM - 9.30 AM
Opening Remarks

Roger Wang
President, MIS and MISTC

Welcome Address
Dato Seri' Dr. Derek Goh
Senate Chair MIS

MOU Signing

⏰ 9.30 AM - 9.40 AM
Launch of World Marketing Summit

⏰ 9.40 AM - 9.50 AM
Prof. Philip Kotler
Founder and Convenor, World Marketing Summit

​⏰ 9.50 AM - 10.20 AM
Kotler Awards

⏰ 10.20 AM - 10.50 AM
Marketing in the Digital Economy

​A marketer has the opportunity to be a disruptor and rain maker. There is a greater need to understand the impact of global trends, technology and changes in consumer behaviour. Connecting the dots to innovate and evolve have become essential in an ever-changing landscape.

​Howie Lau
Chief Industry Development Officer
Industry Development Group
Infocomm Media Development Authority

⏰ 10.50 AM - 11.10 AM
Marketing Adaptability: Finding Opportunities in a Connected World

​There is no stopping the advances in technology. The pace of development is getting faster, with innovation and inventions being announced around the world. However, as we gain strides in technology, there is a prevalence of fear. People in human-centric industries fear displacement. The Marketing profession is included. Instead of fear, Marketers should start identifying the opportunities where they can excel and the skills they need to cultivate.

​Dr. Marc Oliver Opresnik
Professor of Marketing and Management
Member of the Board of Directors at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen

​⏰ 11.10 AM - 11.30 AM
Business Opportunities in Smart Cities for Marketpreneurs

The recently concluded ASEAN summit had seen the members vow to create the world's largest free trade area in the coming year - the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RECP). Marketers and Entrepreneurs are in a great position to take advantage of this opportunity to expand using technological advancement in smart cities in the region.

Dr Tan Khee Giap
Co-Director, Asia Competitiveness Institute

⏰ 11.30 AM - 12.00 NN
Business Leader Discussion with the Teo Chew Poit IP Huay Kuan

Dr Tan Khee Giap - Moderator
Co-Director, Asia Competitiveness Institute

Mr Lennon Tan
Group Chairman, Jing King Tech Group

Mr Benjamin Lim
Managing Director, iwa Design Pte Ltd

⏰ 12.00 NN - 12.30 PM
FUTURISM - Building the Future Together

From the Era of Data Consumers, Hybrid AI, Intelligence Augmentation, Blended Reality, WebVR and holography to Empathic Computing, Micromedia, Transcendent Retail, Computication, Consumer IoT and Consumers' Technology Outsourcing

Prof. Luiz Moutinho
Professor of University of Suffolk, England.

​🍴 12.30 PM - 1.20 PM

⏰ 1.20 PM - 2.10 PM
Viable Strategies for Marketpreneurs to Compete in Highly Technological Environments

​When we talk about technology in Marketing, it does not only refer to Digital Marketing. There are many technological tools that are being developed and currently being used around the world and in different industries that Marketers can use in their profession. Find out what they are and become a true digital Marketer.

​​Julien Condamines
Entrepreneur-in-Residence, French Embassy
Founder and MD, Co-Creation Lab

⏰ 2.10 PM - 3.00 PM
Embracing Agile Marketing

What are the agile marketing practices? They can be boiled down to 3 actionable playbooks for advertisers and marketers: Agile Marketing Orgs, Agile Content Development, and Agile Content Delivery. Measurement is a key component in each of these areas.

​Ross Wakeham
Market Lead, Singapore and Malaysia SMB, Facebook

⏰ 3.00 PM - 3.40 PM
Values Driving Marketing in Interconnected World

Value-driven marketing, unlike traditional product marketing, has one OBJECTIVE: to create deep, meaningful VALUES in your clients' businesses or lives. With this approach, you become a magnet for new clients and prospects. You cultivate lifetime customer loyalty who will become your product’s FANS.

​Dr. Fahim Kibria
Chief Marketing Officer
World Marketing Summit Group

⏰ 3.40 PM - 5.20 PM
Networking Session

​⏰ 5.20 PM -5.30 PM
Summary & Closing Remarks
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